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The Upcoming Volvo XC50

Though presently in the development stages, from what we've heard Volvo is planning on introducing either a new, small SUV based on the Land Rover Freelander platform, or a little brother to the XC70 based on their new V50. Either way this new model will be part of the successful Cross Country line-up and is expected to be called the XC50. We're sure Volvo won't disappoint!

The photos shown on this page are from Volvo's Concept Lab department. Though nobody's saying whether or not these images accurately represent what the XC50 will look like, it sounds like it will be designed to become a competitor to BMW's recently introduced X3.

The XC50 will mark a big step in the evolution of Volvo's XC (Cross Country) line-up since the price point is expected to close to the S40/V50. This should not only attract a whole new segment of the demographic to the Volvo brand but also to this site, we are the Volvo Cross Country Resources after all!

Check back here regularly or sign up for the newsletter over there on the left to get the latest information on this upcoming model. We'll be checking with our sources on a regular basisas the time draws near and we hope to be one of the first to bring this exciting model to the general public.

Volvo XC50 SUV
Volvo XC30


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