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The All New 2005 Volvo V50

December 4, 2003 (12:04pm PST)
The brand new Volvo V50 has just been released at the Bolgna, Italy Auto Show to rave reviews. Though not immediately tied to any of Volvo's Cross Country products, rumours abound that this new V50 may be the new platform for the upcoming Cross Country XC50 model to be released later in 2004.

Sales for the 2005 Volvo V50 will start in July 2004. with a conservative annual sales target of 6,500 cars for NAFTA and a 74,000 cars worldwide.

So with that, take a look at some of the very first images and articles available on this new vehicle:

Volvo V50
Volvo XC50
Volov V50
Volvo xc


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