Long story short the wife drove the car to move in my son to college. She was sitting in a 105 degree parking lot running the air the the Triangle warning blinked once with the display saying high temp. She left the parking lot with no errors for the 300 mile trip. I knew the car had the original thermostat from the white line marked across the thermostat and water hose fitting from manufacturing. The hose was original also.

I replaced the thermostat without removing the intake manifold. I completely removed the passenger headlight assembly and moved the power steering tank into the headlamp opening. I do this when I change oil to be able to easily access the oil filter. I then removed the clip to the hose at the thermostat and I had a fight to get it loose from each other. Since I was replacing both the hose and thermostat I used a screwdriver to put in the crack between and help apply pressure to separate. Once that was off I disconnected the electrical sensor and the small hose and it came off easily. I removed the top radiator hose from the radiator and then removed the 4 T30 bolts holding the thermostat. It is amazing the vision you get on the lower bolts through the headlamp opening vs. feeling your way around it. When I separated the thermostat from the block parts started falling out and I knew I had a correct diagnosis. I put it all back together and install the small hose onto the thermostat and aligned the hose clamp so I could use a 7mm socket with a 2 foot 1/4" extension to go in through the headlamp opening straight onto the clamp nut. I put it all back and filled with coolant. That afternoon I drove it to BK to get a burger for dinner running the A/C. When we got back into the car I heard a noise like I heard when she arrived home that I thought was the smaller of the two fans. When I started the car the fans ramped up to full speed because it was sitting hot and I had the A/C on. I got to the fan and positively determined it was the small fan causing the vibration and noise. You could feel it in the steering wheel.

This leads me to my question for anyone that has done the job. If you look up Volvo's procedure for changing the thermostat you have to take off way too much stuff to do the job. I am hoping the same is applicable for the car to give birth to the fan unit and then put the new one back in. Anyone know the minimum that you must remove to change out the fan. If you look up VIDA such fun exist as Remove the air intake to the throttle body, air filter housing, battery box, p/S line at the pump, Serp belt, A/C compressor loose to move the lines away and it goes on and on and on. Thank you in advance for anyone that can tell me what I must remove at a minimum for it to birth the fan unit without damage to the radiator or anything else.