So our 2004 XC70 ~ 175,000 miles has had these two intermittent issues over the past year or so. Are they possibly connected? What happens with the AC is, on days where the ambient temp is ~ 90 or above - the AC won't cool at times. Normally it starts out fine and you might shut the car off and it won't blow cold air. When my wife first told me about this, I did some reading and replaced the ambient temp sensor for the control and she said it worked fine for a while, but now it is back to its old tricks. Was that because the hot temps faded away or it was something else- I dunno. In the Pacific Northwest, we deal with the hot temps for days or a week at time rather than blistering hot for along time. Also she would note that the cruise intermittently wouldn't engage. This is a rare condition, but finally happened to me last night. Fiddling with the cruise buttons or brake didn't change a thing.
This has been a good car for us. Bought it new. I have to say that other European cars I've had went down hill once these electrical gremlins start rearing their heads. What seems like a logical next step? Thanks, Tom