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Thread: 02 V7XC Stage lll upgrades

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    Cool 02 V7XC Stage lll upgrades

    I have an 02 v70xc 2.5T looking for some information on upgrades. Don't want to do this twice i would like to get it right the first time. What I'm looking to do is Stage 3 upgrade do's & don'ts. Looking at;
    Snabb exhaust system(complete)
    Bad Sweede springs (2" lift) I'm 6'4" car sits little low for my bad knees. What struts would work best with? Saw a suggestion about using xc 90 axles with the springs?
    Ipd torsion bars F&R
    Turbo ???
    DO88 radiator & Inter-cooler
    19" rims
    ipd ECU flash or soft tune
    I rather get the lessons before I do it and have to spend my weekends under the car. This will be mat daily driver so i can't afford to brake things because it wasn't the right combination of parts.
    Any help or websites would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your Help.
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    You will want to rethink doing those upgrades to a old 02 XC, it has one of the least reliable transmissions of all the years, it's enough just to have it reliable as a daily driver but push more power through it is just asking for it to fail. Save your money for transmission repairs,
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    Quote Originally Posted by cap10-13 View Post
    This will be mat daily driver so i can't afford to brake things because it wasn't the right combination of parts.
    Any help or websites would be greatly appreciated.
    Instead of spending untold amounts on a 17 year old Volvo station wagon in an attempt to make it faster/cooler/etc, just buy a stock 300 hp v70r for $6000 and fix it when the transmission goes bad.

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    I don't think you should be modifying your car...

    Your list has some incompatible parts and some statements that concern me...

    Torsion bars? You mean sway bars?


    Are you certain?

    Because our 2002 XC has a 2.4T, and the difference is in the variable intake cam and displacement. Different parts between those two engines.

    19" rims will ride like crap when you put very, very low profile tires on them, and they make ZERO sense with a lift kit. You lift it, you want bigger tires, not bigger wheels. Lifted cars don't handle well at all. Stiffening it in roll will help the handling, but at the expense of compliance on and off road. If you're not taking it off road DON'T LIFT IT.

    IPD makes a better exhaust than SNAAB. But honestly, the IPD cat-back is loud. All of them are. Stick with a down-pipe and a tune.

    By the time you fix this all up, you will have spent several thousand, in which case, I agree with Hoonk. Buy what you really want: A V70R. It will cost you less...
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