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Thread: PCV kits?

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    Default PCV kits?

    I'm changing pcv, timing belt and seals. I see two different pcv kits for my 2005 xc70. One with the box and a few hoses and one without the box and several hoses. Should I buy both? Thanks!

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    Where are you shopping?

    I would call IPD and get th complete kit. Box and all the parts. Be certain to clean the block to sump passages, too.
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    Seconded on the full kit. If that box is full of gunk and you don’t replace it you’re not doing yourself a whole lot of good for the effort.

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    I used the FCP Euro kit and the job went as smoothly as possible. It is a time killer, but nothing too difficult. Get a long thin wobble 10mm for the intake manifold bolts. and a clamp crimp.

    Be warned that cleaning this will release a bunch of junk into the oil pan that will get pulled into the oil filter. After about 1000 miles after the PCV change I did the normal oil service this weekend and was shocked at the "gunk" that was pulled into the filter. EWWWW! I took about 10 minutes of freaking out to realize where the gunk came from and to relax. Not to worry, the gunk is not enough to active the bypass and grenade the bearings. All that said, change your oil 500-1000 after the PCV service to rib yourself of any of the gunk that comes out of the lower PCV drain into the block.

    FWIW I changed the PCV at ~165k, but IMO this is a good 100k service cycle just to keep it clean. YMMV, I imagine short trips make this worse vs the long road miles.

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    I included oil sump service during complete PCV -- a 100% PCV success. Laborious but minor cost of seal.
    The MPG is up from 13.2 to 16.6.

    Would a seafoam treatment before PCV an alternate to oil sump service?
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