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Thread: Engine - Transmission - Haldex issue

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    Default Engine - Transmission - Haldex issue

    Hi all.

    I'm a proud owner of a 2013 Xc70 D4 with Haldex Gen 5 and a 6 speed geartronic transmission. I've had it for about three months now and there are a few things I'm a bit unclear of.

    1. Haldex
    When accellerating from a standstill and turning left or right I hear a grunting noise from the rear accompanied with a jerking sensation along with the
    grunting. The Volvo tech first told me that this is normal because of the rear wheels loosing traction. I changed wheels, it's summer and I have traction..
    And i still have the grunting and the jerking.

    2. Gear/Transmission box
    Sometimes when changing to a lower gear the gearbox "throws" the gear in violently. The gearbox has been adapted after this but is still abit "unstable"
    with the gears ( hard shifting ). I compare the Volvo gearbox with a Saab 9-5 2006 and a Kia Cee'd .. and the gearbox in the Volvo is the most

    3. The engine
    Accellerating up to the desired speed and releasing the throttle ot often jerks. When driving normally with the pedal steady and about 1500rpm I feel and
    see the rpm moving up and down ever so little causing the car to move in a rocking motion. Some say it's the EGR valve, some say its a sensor for the
    turbo preassure or a releasevalve that is malfunctioning.

    I have had all the errorcodes read, I have had the transmission checked for internal leaks between the valves and I have had the transmission and haldex adapted... But nothing seems to help..

    Any of you guys or gals have any idea?

    Best regards Patrol

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    One of the requirements of this AWD car is front and rear tires being the same circumference.

    The "grunting noise from the rear while turning left or right" suggests a problem with the rear axle differential. This box has the job of resolving the different rotational speeds of L vs. R rear wheels while going around a corner....i.e. delivering power at two different wheel rotational speeds. Is there a sign of gear oil leak from the rear diff?

    How many km on this car?

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    The car has 145000kms on the dial and no oil leaks anywhere

    The tires are ok, mounted diagonally to minimize circumference.
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