Hello guys

So we just bought this XC70 2005 , it belonged to one of my friends father and I used to told him "man this car looks nice if you ever sell it I want to know".

It had been parked all winter so we test drove it and I loved the feeling girlfriend too and we also liked the space as we have a baby and another one coming up.

The inside is super clean , seats are damn comfortable and every accessories seems to work ( AC,electric seats , rooftop , parking sensor) , no check engine.

Brake and exhaust have been repaired recently. The suspension is in great shape , no noise , drives really smooth you just feel in control. Car is large and the engine has a lot of torque wich was surprising to me at first.

Negative points were :

-AWD not working (seller was told by garage he had to change the pump for roughly 750$)
-226k kms
- Its long ! must not be nice to park

After trying it I was pretty hyped , he was asking 4000$ so we talked a little bit and we agreed to the price of 3500$

And only then did I start reading the Volvo forums as I was interested to know more about the car I just bought. Forums got me stressed as this car seems to have so many potential problems but im still interested to make it work.

Couple of days in I had my first Volvo problem ; the car was smelling gas a lot. (rest of story and questions in next post)