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Thread: LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs

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    Default LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs

    I am trying to buy some LED replacement bulbs for my 04 XC70 but no local supplier has them so I'll have to go online. Has anyone done this and can you recommend a brand/site etc etc?

    I want better lights that don't die after a few months. The bulbs are HB3 and H7. Did your bulbs need the harness? Thanks.

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    For increased headlamp performance -

    used to sell a 65watt h7 ralleye bulb, seems to be no longer available. They do offer an alternative. Properly aimed and paired with the high beam upgrade - you will be happy with your headlamps. (and other drivers will not be annoyed and flash at you)

    I think you will find aftermarket LED or HID bulbs won't work properly (give better light and NOT BLIND other drivers)

    But they might look cool! And you might be able to buy green or blue or pink or even white ones -

    You might want to repost in the correct forum - if you have a 01-07

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