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Thread: Haldex issues. 2005 xc70

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xfingers View Post
    Thanks again, vtl. It won't surprise me if the bolts turn out to be welded/fused/bonded to the DEM. I can't quite picture "drill the slot on Haldex along the bolt." Maybe if I'm looking at the DEM it'll make more sense.
    The bolt freezes in Haldex case, not in DEM. See the first two pictures in the thread.

    Did this require repair to the DEM after the bolt was removed or were you able to just thread a new bolt and you were good to go? I guess I'll burn this bridge when I get to it.
    No, DEM is not damaged. You can simply drill bolts heads out, lift DEM up and then deal with the frozen bolts. If you have to cut the slot you'll need to repair it after, so the threads will remain sealed. I used JB Weld.
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    OK, vtl, appreciate the clarification. Now I see what I'm up against. Yeah, I see how the haldex unit would definitely need to come out. Thank you!
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