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Thread: Awd failure

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    Default Awd failure

    Just bought a 2005 d5 manual. Anti slip service light is. Had obd checked and showing no communication to dem. Only done 100 miles and now really bad rattle/knock from driveline under car at right hand side front suspect angle drive. Car now not really drive able. Any suggestions would be appreciated and what kind of a job is it to change angle drive.

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    A couple of thoughts Stevie -

    First, if you've only owned this for 100 miles, isn't there some sort of recourse via the seller? They had to have known of this problem...

    Next, if there is no communication to the DEM, you won't have the Haldex working/engaging, so you're not going to have AWD until that communication is fixed.

    Next, a really bad rattle knock could have several mechanical causes. The fact that you don't have AWD is from the lack of DEM communication, and may, or may not, be the result of mechanical component failure.

    So, you need to get this up on a lift/jackstands, and see what's going on. Could be as simply as a bad CV joint in the right front axle. Easy fix. Could be the front CV joint on the rear driveshaft. Moderate fix. Could be the collar that drives the angle gear, a common problem, and moderately difficult fix as you have to remove the angle gear* to get at it. Could be the angle gear itself. Difficult fix.

    On your side of the pond, I imagine a good breaker specialising in Volvo miay be able to source you an angle gear, if that's in fact the problem. All of the 5 cylinder cars in P2 chassis used the same gear, so they're compatible, but you're not the first to try and source one. They're hard to find over here.

    The angle gear oil level is difficult to check. More difficult still to change the oil. Lots of them are ignored until they make noise, at which point, they're done in. I strongly recommend checking the fluid level at every oil change, and changing the fluid every 30,000 miles (so, 50,000 KM).

    *if you do remove the angle gear for troubleshooting, and it's OK, then I would strongly encourage you to replace the seals and re-seal the case as directed by Volvo in this TNN:

    If you really want to make Angle Gear maintenance simple, you might consider the modification that I made to mine, as outlined here:

    You may find that reading through that thread, with a discussion of poor axle quality as well as angle gear maintenance, to be very worthwhile...

    Finally, you'll find this section of the forum very, very useful:
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