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Thread: Low Squeaking At Take Off, Slowed Down Or Initial Wheel Turn

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    Default Low Squeaking At Take Off, Slowed Down Or Initial Wheel Turn

    This symptom started after installing the spring seats for both front struts.

    It is more noticeable when I drive out of the garage in the morning, stop and then turn the steering to leave. In the rest of the day, I notice the squeaking at traffic, when I take off and also when going into a parking spot to turn my steering.

    Last week, I removed both calipers and compressed the caliper pistons to kinda 'ease up' on the pads. No Break-Quiet paste has been applied. The steering is not hard, it's normal. So folks, what might be the issue?

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    How you doing? Two things from my experience. Make sure that the cross-nut and top nut on the strut shaft are good and tight. If even a bit loose, it can cause a new seat to rotate slightly causing a squeak. Also some of these seats, especially it seems the heavy-duty ones I've used, the rubber durometer is hard enough that it takes a bit for the seats to break-in. The last ones I put on my XC were XC90 ones from Lemforder and squeaked for about a month before they went quiet. I did them when it was cold, damp weather so don't know if that had anything to do with it because on sunny dry days it wasn't as bad. Funny thing is that I've done quite a few seats over the years and this squeaking thing has only come up with the harder seats and since I've moved to this more damp climate.


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