TLDR: If you have a second, can anyone post a picture of their genuine came-with-the-vehicle 2011 cargo cover/luggage cover/modest cover/parcel shelf cover? Color doesn't matter.

I just bought a 2011 XC90. It didn't come with a cargo cover, but I would like to buy oneóno kids and little use for the third row seating, much more use for hiding whatever is back there and dampening road noise a little. I think because of the popularity of the third row seating, and the generally long production run of the XC90, I'm having a really hard time finding a picture of the exact style/coloration of the cargo cover that came with the 2011 XC90.

I've found photos of at least 2 variants produced over the years (I think) and two color variants of one of the styles (one solid color of whatever interior color, one trimmed with aluminum). Most of the ones for sale on eBay seem to be from XC90s of the '04-08 vintage, so I'm not sure how reliable that is for reference. And the parts catalogs are just line drawings, so not very helpful to judge the actual appearance. I'd really like to be as original to what came on the 2011 if possible.

I've got the off-black R-Design trim, but I doubt that matters in general.

Can anyone with a 2011 or with certainty of what came on the 2011 run out and snap a pic of theirs? This new member to the club would very much appreciate it!