Hi all,
I just had the fuel pump replaced under the recall. Even though the time frame passed since it was never done on my car they paid for it all. But, I just got the vehicle back from the dealer and I noticed it starts real hard (meaning I have to let it crank over 8-10 times before it will start). The service manager told me that the fuel pump is getting broken into the engine, or air in the lines. The car runs great once it is running, I have driven it for two days and still have the hard starting issue. I did a little troubleshooting myself. With the engine running my fuel pressure is around 55psi @ the fuel rail, when I shut the engine off the pressure drops to 0psi within a couple of minutes. I did not have this issue with the old pump, and I have an appointment to go back to the dealer. I was wondering if anyone had any further troubleshooting ideas/tips to narrow the problem to the fuel pump or another component.