I just ordered the temp/pressure sensor. I've been getting multiple DEM-007 codes and AWD not working in VIDA. The frozen values in VIDA show a difference in temperature readings between the ambient/outside and internal (can't remember exactly how they're labeled). In one case, it was 40C vs. 35C; in another it was 20C vs 10C. I think that's what triggered the code. At any rate, I guess the temperature part of the temp/pressure sensor is faulty. Hopefully, replacing the sensor will give me AWD.

I know there's a thread on here on how Haldex works. I'm not sure if it explains why the temperature is critical to the Haldex operation. VIDA gives a separate reading for the Haldex OIL temp. My 2002 didn't have a Haldex unit and the AWD performed very well in the snow. But this Haldex 3 is obviously supposed to be an improvement. Maybe it engages AWD faster.