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Thread: Battery Drains After 2-3 Days

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    When the battery is charged up and car has been turned off for 15 min., remove the positive connector from the battery. When you break the connection, is there any small spark or click? In theory, only the clock electronics, security system, and key-fob receiver are the items that should be drawing current at this point, too small to generate any spark. If it sparks, you've got an unexpected load.

    If there's not a circuit load drawing a constant current, you could have an internal short inside the battery. The way to evaluate that is to charge up the battery while it's disconnected from the + cable. Keep the + cable disconnected a few days. Does the voltage on the battery slip? That would indicate an internal battery short.

    When reconnecting the charged battery to the car, the ignition key wants to be in the "II" position. This is needed to start the computer systems up properly.
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