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Thread: Battery Drains After 2-3 Days

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    Having gone thru this same problem of "Low Battery" messages soon after purchasing a '13 XC70 T6, I really appreciate the posting by "hoonk", who seems to have figured this one out.

    I contacted Interstate and ordered their MT-92 T7 battery. When I removed the battery that came with the car, I see that it is an "H6" and only 9 months old.
    The emphasis is on H6. The car I bought comes with the motorized rear hatch, and by far this is the biggest current consumer when the engine is shut off.
    I saw a pattern where I would get the "Low Battery" on days when we went shopping...translation, using the rear hatch lifter multiple times.

    When I popped in the Interstate MT-92 T7, it became clear that the old battery was about 1.5" inch shorter than the T7 battery, and that the battery tray is sized for the larger T7....conclusion, someone thought they'd save a few bucks.

    Also, note that the MT-92 T7 comes with a vent port, which should be hooked up to the vent hose -- particularly in light of the closed battery compartment, where escaping hydrogen gas could build up if not vented.
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