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Thread: Seat replacement Help!!!

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    Default Seat replacement Help!!!

    Good Morning,

    Acquired a 2001 XC70 Cross Country that had a massive sunroof leak and destroyed the carpet and front seats. I have fixed the sunroof and on to putting it all back together. I have found a year range of seats online but unsure if they are compatible. What years of front seats will fit and work in a 2001. I have seen 2001-2002 and also have seen 2001-2005 are compatible. Also, I will be replacing the entire seat setup (slider, motor, seat). If pricing is right I may be replacing the back seats too. Is there a conflict on different year seats for the rear also?

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    The CANBus changed with the facelift, so to be safe, I'd stick with the same generation as our car, so up to and including 2004 should be good. The foam will probably be bad in a used seat so you might want to look at replacing that anyway before putting another seat in the car.

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