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Thread: 2003/2004 XC70 parts

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    Default 2003/2004 XC70 parts

    all but the engine are gone,---------I have some parts that I have accumulated that need a new home.These were all saved for my daughters 04' and my 03' XC70. I have sold my 03 and the daughter is looking to upgrade, All 4 Doors rear hatch- no interior panels- black paint, angle gear, haldex unit, transmission that needs a valve body, spare valve body, complete front knuckle assemblies, struts, front's have new bearing plate and spring seats, new idk-idn? timing belt tensioner, half case aisin trans fluid, 3/4 can pentistone ps fluid, full bottle of angle gear oil- Volvo, 1/4 bottle rear haldex oil- Volvo, rear cv shafts, front cv shafts with one new boot kit , tail lights, tcm, ecm, rear fuse panel,abs module, 05'? instrument cluster, wheels and 85%+tires with spare and jack. 2.5 Turbo engine with newer timing belt service 120k ish, There are some things I have forgot or don't remember so please ask. Not looking to ship large items, Make an offer on parts or come and buy it all.
    Needs to go soon.
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    I have an 02 silver black interior wood trim..anything left..looking for some interior parts: front arm rest plus other items i may need. How is the transmission?

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