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Thread: Putting '01-'04 wheels on my '07?

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    Default Putting '01-'04 wheels on my '07?

    I currently have the 17" wheels on my car, if I remember right they're the "Oreander" wheels.
    It's coming time for new tires, and these wheels look like total garbage. The coating is chipping off, and every single one of the has major curb rash (I just love how the rim seems to stick out further than the tire with the stock size tire).

    Anyway, I just saw a set of the early 6 spoke 16" XC wheels pop up for sale (set of 4 for the price of ONE new steel wheel), so I want to pick them up. They look in better shape than mine, and I like that simple design. Another plus is that they look easier to clean and will have more tires and size options for the 16" wheel. I want to go up a size or 2 and get an All Terrain type tire, I've been doing more dirt roads lately and am worried about the sidewalls on my all seasons. The RT43's have good traction, but the sidewalls seem paper thin, mine are all nicked up.

    Anyway, what about the TPMS? Did the earlier cars have it, and if so, how do I get it to sync up with my car.

    If the earlier wheels DON'T have it, can I swap in my current sensors, or run without them and "fool" the car into thinking they're there so I don't have to see the tire light constantly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StuntmanMike View Post
    can I swap in my current sensors,
    Yes, just need a new seal kit for each one (it's not recommended to reuse the old orings)

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    The earlier wheels won't have TPMS.

    The 16" wheels will clear all of the brake sizes - I upgraded the brakes on our 2002 V70XC to 305mm discs (which required only new brackets and new discs) and the 16" "Tellus" wheels clear the calipers in their new brackets just fine.
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