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    Default P0202 code

    While driving the car yesterday, the engine started to shudder and the MIL came on. I pulled the codes which were P0202 and P0302. I know that P0202 means injector fault and P0302 means misfire. Today I cleared the codes, then started the car. It seemed to run perfectly. I drove it for about 15 minutes on surface roads and the highway. After I scanned it and there were no codes stored.

    The car had not been driven for 1-2 months up until yesterday. I did drive it for about 10 minutes before the MIL came on.

    Is it possible that a clogged fuel injector could cause a P0202 code? And also possible that the injector could clear and function normally after? Or am I looking at an intermittent problem that is going to be more challenging?

    It was much hotter yesterday (around 90) than today (84). Car is 2001 xc70 with about 84,000 miles.

    Thanks for your opinion.
    2001 XC70

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    Drive and be happy. Don't sweat anything until the rough running and code return. If the fault does return, read the code, make sure it is the same one, then swap the ignition coil of #2 with another cylinder. Clear codes, and drive on. If the fault returns, then check if the code followed the coil or not. If it did, then the ignition coil is at fault. Put in a new one. If it didn't, then look elsewhere for the misfire on #2 (spark plug, injector).

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