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Thread: 2001 XC70 tow bar, needs a mod

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    Default 2001 XC70 tow bar, needs a mod

    I have a 2001 xc70 that needs a mod as it is to high to tow my caravan.
    But Volvo do not do a smaller detachable swan neck ball, so they tell me? Anyone know any different?
    or how it can be modded?

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    I've seen the Euro style "swan neck" hitch you're talking about, though I didn't know it was called that. Makes sense.

    Can you find an American style hitch? Those stick straight out, instead of curving upwards. The also come in different drops or rises, and you can mount whatever size ball you want.
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    Is the ball/swan neck removable from the main body of the hitch? If so I would think that the ball would have a fairly standard size mount to the main body. If so then try looking at other manufacturers/ hitch suppliers for a different height ball.

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