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Thread: No Power to 12V outlets, no power to fuse - CEM?

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    Default No Power to 12V outlets, no power to fuse - CEM?


    I bought a 2010 XC90 in the spring, and the 12V outlets in the front and back seats don't work. I traced the wiring diagram, and there is no power to the fuse (fuse 11 on the CEM), but there is power coming in both leads to the CEM.

    I'm guessing that there may be a bad relay in the CEM - with the price of the CEM and reprogramming, I'm reasonably motivated to try a repair. I guess the other option would be to jump from another switched 12V output from the CEM..... not sure I like the idea, but definitely the easiest.

    Before I crack the CEM open or jury rig the 12V sockets, am I missing something else that could cause this?


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    Have had many electrical problems solved by scanning (w VIDA) and clearing codes or simply rebooting. Internally shorted headlamp bulbs resulting in no power to the fuse is an example repaired by scan/erase or reboot.

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