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    I have a 01 volvo v70 xc and it has some issues it started awhile ago the head lights stopped working so I changed the fuses and they still didnt work so I bought a new cem for it that guys under the dash and didnt know that it would have to be reprogrammed so I went to put the old one in and stuff started working again well the sunroof was messed up and I could get it to close so I took it apart and could get it to work so I used a battery on the motor to get it to kinda shut but it still leaks but now nothing on the overhead console works and the lights on the center console don't want to light up the headlights stopped working again is this all because of the cem ur whatever it called under the dash it looked fine but idk

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    Maybe you jumped the gun on the CEM and the sunroof, the sunroof might be a failed alarm battery, yes it is in the same system, you might have just needed a system reset to start the sunroof working, 5 cycles of the drivers door key usually does it, or unplugging or replacing the alarm module.

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