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Thread: 2015.5 xc70 T6 ***** Micro cracks in headlight lenses

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    Default 2015.5 xc70 T6 ***** Micro cracks in headlight lenses

    wife's car - washing it last night - noticed tiny tiny spider cracks in lens - not from road debris - sort of looks like the beginning of UV damage (i see this on port lights in boats) but it seems too early and i do apply 303 as a inhibitor - car is stored inside too. You cannot see these in daylight - lenses look perfectly clear. Any ideas? Looks at the lights at night - little cracks are very easy to spot


    Car as been flawless except for stbd side side mirror motor

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    The car is < 3 years old. This could be a manufacturing defect in the plastic lens which caused internal stress / cracking. I would go to a Volvo dealer, and lobby for a headlamp assy. replacement under warranty.

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