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Thread: Has anyone replaced a prop shaft carrier bearing for a 2010 XC70

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    Default Has anyone replaced a prop shaft carrier bearing for a 2010 XC70

    Hi gang,

    This is a question regarding a 2010 XC70 T6, with 148,000 miles. I have a variable pitched whine that changes while accelerating and decelerating. Came on rather quickly and I have yet to get under the car to pull on the prop shaft to see if I can get any movement or wiggle. My real question is can I pull the carrier bearing. I read someplace that it is not serviceable which sounds impossible. I guess the other thought that I had was a bad rear wheel bearing.

    Any suggestions or links would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Mike in Gloucester Co. NJ

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    Hi Mike, I just responded to your other post, and then saw this one. My experience with a driveline 'hum' was caused by the rear differential pinion bearing. I did remove the prop shaft, and serviced the CV joints. The carrier bearing is not serviceable without cutting and re-welding the prop shaft, from what I have read and seen in reality. If it's bad, you have to buy a whole new prop shaft..... So much for low cost maintenance!

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