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Thread: How to put P3 xc70 on jack stands?

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    Default How to put P3 xc70 on jack stands?

    I've been working on my RWD VOlvos a while ago, and now it seems that I am going to be taking care of my 11'xc70 myself again. With 740 I would use front cross-member and differential as lifting points for the floor jack, and then jack stands would go under the frame runners under the car. How is it done in P3 ?
    Checked FAQ and did forum search, but didn't seem to get a clear answer to that. Owner's manual is fuzzy, and VIDA mentions "Special tools" that look like some rubber cylinders.
    1) What is a good place to put a floor jack in the front and in the rear? Cross members? Frame runners?
    2) What are the good places for the jacks? Owner manual shows some areas behind the front wheels, but nothing in the rear?
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    Not trying to give you negative information but my 2008 XC70 is the most difficult car I have ever tried to get into the air and I have a BendPak MD-6XL scissor lift. Even Volvos own document say adapters have to be used to lift it with a conventional lift. Before I got my lift I needed to lift the entire front end as high as I could to put struts and control arms on the car. I ended up using a heavy duty floor jack and a special lift bar that bolted to it that would spread the load to 2 pads and I placed them at the rear of the front subframe plates under the driver and passenger's foot well. I then was left with no place to put jack stand except under the cross bar itself and let the car back down on the stands. Volvo might care about safety but that do not give a Rat's behind about safely lifting and working on their cars. Just my opinion.

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