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Thread: XC70 Headlight washer relay

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    Default XC70 Headlight washer relay

    Hi all

    I'm the new owner of a 2008 XC70. Lovely car, only I cannot get the headlamp washers to operate. Water level is fine, and I have the headlights in the correct position, so that the headlamp jets should operate. The fuse is fine, so my next stop is to replace the relay, BUT, I cannot locate it!

    Can anyone point me in the direction of the location of the headlamp washer relay (if, indeed, there is one!)

    Many thanks


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    headlight washers should operate if the engine is running, headlamps and on and you wash the front windshield. If you wash the windshield again the headlamp pump does not come on. (sorry i don't know what the time delay is for a subsequent wash) You may want to check if there is power going to the headlamp washer pump under those circumstances before you start randomly replacing parts.

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    I would expect that the relay is an integral part of the Headlight Washer Pump (Volvo p/n 30655138).

    If you have a voltmeter, test if this pump is energized with 12V when it should be pumping.

    Also, unplug the output hose from the pump, and see if water squirts out at the appropriate time. If it does you have a clog at the spray nozzles.

    If 12V signal, but no squirt, you need to replace the pump.

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