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Thread: 2005 XC90 2.5T P2401/P2419 eval system leak, signal low

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    Default 2005 XC90 2.5T P2401/P2419 eval system leak, signal low


    Starting a new thread for this topic. I recently got a 2005 XC90 2.5T AWD and am starting to tune it up and right some of the wrongs that have been done to it by the prior owner(s). I see 4 error codes via my iCarsoft VOLII tester - but it appears that it is the same error message repeated twice? These 2 OBD error codes that are triggering CEL. I cleared them and they went away - only to come back a few day s later. The codes are:

    P2401 Volvo evaporative emission system leak detection pump control circuit low
    P2401 -- ECM-433D -- Leakage diagnostic unit, pump -- Signal too low
    P2419 Volvo evaporative emission system switching valve control circuit low
    P2419 -- ECM-432D -- Leak diagnostic unit, valve -- Signal too low

    Does anyone have any debug/repair suggestions for these? Appreciate it!


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    You can easily use VIDA to help diagnose those (and other) codes. An illegal (working) copy of Vida and a cloned dice unit can be purchased for ~$82.

    But you probably have a bad leak detection pump. Can your current code reader run a evap self test?

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