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    What are the symptoms of a failing turbo. Will the transmission go into safemode with a failing turbo? If my engine management computer is bad will it affect the turbo performance? The two symptoms I have right now is poor idle, poor acceleration and car banging into safemode. I have had a failed turbo in the past and along with the obvious I go a lot of black smoke and now with very poor acceleration, loud intake noise I do not have the black smoke from no air. Perhaps the turbo is still spinning at a low speed? Last time the turbo was frozen .I havechecked the CEM in working order. The airmass is new, the throttle body is a xemodex and was checked out good.

    Last question. Where can I find a turbo cartridge from a reliable manufacturer at a good price?

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    Are you getting any CELs? If your trans is going into limp mode then there should be a code(s) saved. Any messages on the dash? If you have access to a VIDA/DiCE setup on a laptop you could plug into the OBDII port to read error codes and further diagnose the problem. Wish I could be more help but I don't have direct experience with turbo issues (yet).
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    Check the actuator linkage, I had a rusty pin that keep it from opening, after changing the TCV and nothing improved, i pulled the cover to see the pin was frozen, a little penetrating oil and it came free, but it never went into safe mode?

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