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Thread: shock and strut assemblies for 2007 XC70

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    Default shock and strut assemblies for 2007 XC70

    I'm hearing a lot of noises from my suspension (price I pay to live on a brick street) that has ~80k miles and figure I'm going to have to replace the shocks/struts. I see that they sell assemblies with new springs/bushings, any thoughts on using these versus getting the parts separately and fighting the springs?? Thanks

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    Compressing the strut springs is nothing a novice should attempt, all depends on skill level and a good solid spring compressor. Springs can and do fail on XC's so a new strut set with springs can put that possibility aside. Noise can come from other worn suspension items, it should be inspected before just throwing a strut set at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by youngstrom View Post
    I'm hearing a lot of noises from my suspension
    Most common problem is the spring seat/strut cushion/strut mount. Very common to break and cause a loud bang or klunk or just a crunching noise over bumps. 8646713 is the old number, or 30683637, very easy to test for. And much less expensive than complete replacement, if the struts are still ok

    Test by trying to turn the nut on top of the strut with a wrench, if it turns, the cushion is broken.

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