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Thread: What exactly is this part called?

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    Default What exactly is this part called?

    So my old V70 had a whole pannel of blanks for rocker switches. My XC70 only has three, but there are spots behind it for more. Iíve searched a bit and canít find the part # or name.Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	8611 Can I order a panel with more cut outs or should I just cut thru this one?

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    OK, what I found in VIDA (v. 2014A) is that the panel is called....wait for it......"cover panel". Got to love these descriptive names, eh? Any road, two part numbers. For chassis up to SN -122999, its PN 8650366, for chassis SN -123000 and newer, the name changes slightly to "cover panel, charcoal" with the number 8684596.


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    Quote Originally Posted by alexidb View Post
    Can I order a panel with more cut outs or should I just cut thru this one?
    To add more switches used with different Volvos trying to add new functions for the xc70? Will they work without a software download to tell the CCM to accept them? The two parts numbers mentioned earlier are for different colors of black (grey). For more cut outs look in the parts catalog at other Volvo models that use the same CCM for panels with more holes (s80,s60,v70, xc90)
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    I don't believe adding more buttons will do anything. As JRL said in one of my posts regarding the CCM,

    "Back to your CCM buttons.
    That's all they are... switches. Unless there is something behind them to plug into, they'll just be dead buttons instead of an actual blank/cover"

    I can attest to the truth of this. I switched a CCM with Rear Parking Sensors and DTSC buttons with a CCM with Remote-Start and Rear Parking Sensor buttons (or something like that)

    I popped that cover panel off with a trim tool, switched the physical buttons on each CCM so the icons would match, and the new CCM with the old buttons still controlled the same stuff (Rear Parking Sensors and DTSC)

    So, as JRL said, they're just buttons.

    Without software download or some other more significant features mod, adding buttons will at best only look cool.

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