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Thread: Head unit replacement

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    Default Head unit replacement

    Hi all, has anyone replaced the head unit for an aftermarket one? Iíve a 2008 D5 Sport with Dynaudio pack. Looking to pair my iPhone for calls and music. Thanks in advance, Al.

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    Haven't replaced the head unit in my 09 but I imagine it would be just a matter of finding the appropriate dash kit and wiring kit, assuming they do exist. I replaced the head unit in my 01 with an identical Volvo one, but because it came out of an S60 rather than a V70, the plugs must have been wired different because the steering wheel audio controls stopped working.

    In a pinch, a cheaper alternative that works well would be a simple bluetooth AUX jack adapter and run your phone off the AUX channel. The one I got at Walmart for about $25 works great. You will most likely have to get an extension jack or cord because of the way the AUX jack is recessed it won't allow the adapter to fully seat.

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    Not that easy. My CD player has failed in my 2008 MY09 (no Dynaudio)
    Unit is made by (Volvo / Ford ) = Mitsubishi Electric

    Most aftermarket units require at least a 1 DIN space.
    Everything is behind the panel in these models.

    There is no space for an aftermarket facia similar to what you can find for other Manufacturers.
    If there was one that fitted the single DIN then you would lose your display for your heater / audio / fan etc.

    From what I read you will also need to tell the car software that a new unit is fitted.

    You can get an kit from Grom which will give you Bluetooth and USB.
    It may work however XC70 isn't listed.

    From where I live it is too expensive at this stage.

    The other alternative is to get the Bluetooth option installed by your dealer.

    Let us know what you end up doing.
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