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Thread: Is Volvo quality good?

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    Default Is Volvo quality good?

    I want to buy a car. I want to know how the Volvo quality? Hope everyone give some good advice .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ziyixue View Post
    I want to buy a car. I want to know how the Volvo quality? Hope everyone give some good advice .
    Hmm..Volvos are comfortable and EXTREMELY safe.

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    What do you mean EXACTLY by "quality"?
    There are good models and model and some very bad models and model years!
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    As JRL said, every car maker has ups and downs as new regulations and new tech come into the car.
    Also, maintenance and care are paramount.
    There are A LOT of Volvos out there that will tend to be great cars, we have a 1990 that has NEVER had anything beyond routine, scheduled maintenance and it keeps on running and passing emission tests.

    The answer to your question needs a model, range of years, or a price range you are looking in for a better answer.

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    As Bill Clinton said,
    "It depends upon what the meaning of the word is, is."

    What year and model Volvo with which particular engine, compared with what make, model, year, and particular engine setup.
    Are we comparing it to your previous car experience, or that of someone else' experience?

    Are we comparing it to a Bentley, Saturn, Mini or Kia?

    I will say this...Volvo owners have been very loyal for a reason.

    In my opinion, personally believe, from the experience that I have had, that Volvo has made good, solid cars overall to this point.
    Emphasis on solid.
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