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    Thumbs down TASCA Auto Parts

    I'm a pretty patient guy. However, not impressed one bit with TASCA.

    1. Ordered 2 calipers for $39.50 each. No core charge (good for a guy in Canada where return shipping would be almost that amount).
    2. A few days later, they go "Sorry, there's a $10 core charge on that. Please authorize additional $10 per caliper". I inform them their website says $0 core. They go 'pay up or no order'. In inform them they're not getting the parts back due to shipping costs but whatever. $20. Fine.
    3. Get parts finally (3 weeks later), and they're the wrong frackin parts. Sent me caliper brackets. Not calipers.
    4. At work I call - they have my order number but they need the part number in THE BOX to help. I need to go home and re-check the box for a part number on the parts and call back.

    Disappointing because they have really good prices on most of their Volvo parts. Anyone else have similiar experiences?

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    I had a good experience getting Nivomat shocks from them for my S80.
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    I ordered shocks, struts, and OEM control arms from them a few weeks back, no problems.

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    I have to add to that. I ordered a ignition cylinder lock for my 2005xc70. One month in 2 days. No news, no return to all my messages. No answer to the phones. What is that s..... Is anybody here that are close to them. Rockauto had a wwwwwaaaaayyyyyyy better customer service than thay have. Last time I buy from them. stay away.
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    I had problems with them too. Poor customer service. Wrong parts shipped even with VIN number.
    I ordered from Boston Volvo yesterday. Got the parts today in central Ohio! They had Volvo drop ship direct to me. Give them a try.

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    When I used Tasca, I had no issues and it was a fairly eclectic order; however all parts were ordered by Volvo part numbers I looked up in VIDA, not through their catalog system.

    You have a look at, they are in Canada and ship from a Canadian warehouse.

    They may not have everything your looking for, but they were where I got my calipers from when I re-did my brakes. Decent prices, dirt cheap shipping, and yes core charge on the calipers, but it only cost me $25 to ship all (4) back by Canada Post in exchange for $160 in core charge refunds.
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