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Thread: Can Innova 3150B delete SRS light?

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    Default Can Innova 3150B delete SRS light?

    Would anyone know whether this product can remove the SRS warning light? I tried the Innova 3100 which read OBD2 and could remove warnings but want to remove SRS light.
    the light itself came on after I unplugged and put back in the simple plugs under the seat because the seat warmer was exibitting a burning smell. I ended up removing the fuse for the seats and that shut them down but SRS light came on at the time of pulling airbag plugs and now cannot remove it.
    Many thanks

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    In my personal opinion Innova is just a copy of Craftsman..but for half the price.. It can not help you to erase the SRS light. Only expensive tools could help you do it.(OTC or Volvo brand diagnostic) The cheapest an probably fastest option will be to pay dealer to erase SRS light for You.

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