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Thread: 2008 XC70 Blower Motor Rumble

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    Default 2008 XC70 Blower Motor Rumble

    My 2008 XC70 has developed a rumble when the cabin air fan is turned on. Took it to the dealer who said it was probably the fan motor going on its way out, but not to worry, it will be covered under your extended CPO warranty.

    A few hours later, I get a call saying there was a rubber piece that was stuck in the fan blades and since it wasn't a part that failed, it wasn't covered under the warranty.

    $320 later for labor, I can't help but think that some weatherstripping behind the dash had failed and got sucked up into the fan. What do you guys think? Does anyone know where the pickup is for the interior fan?

    I took some pics of it too.


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    Who knows, but they're full of sh*t!
    How would that piece get there, do they really think you took it apart and put it there?
    Same with the air intake. Do they think you removed the cowl and dropped it in the intake and it got sucked into the blower?

    Bring it back and insist they pay for it
    If they won't take them to small claims court
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