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Thread: Incomplete head gasket job = timing fears

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    Default Incomplete head gasket job = timing fears

    So I decided to try a long weekend head gasket job on the 2000 V70XC (B5244T). My Honda friend came over to help, and started tossing parts this way and that as we were disassembling. I went inside for a few minutes, and came back to the car to see the top head assembly removed and the intake cam on the ground, and the timing belt hanging loose and not on its gears... I worked more on it just getting other parts disassembled, but it would be great to finish the job without dragging it to a shop.

    Can anybody please provide some advice on setting the timing in a scenario like mine, where the timing marks were not properly aligned before removing things like camshafts??

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    The first thing you need to do, is ask your friend to politely leave or slow down. If he's in that big of a hurry, you don't want him there. PERIOD

    You will have to remove your dampner to be able to see your crankshaft timing marks good enough to be confident that you have your crank in the correct position.

    It will look like this, you can see the notch on the crankshaft pulley line up with the aluminum notch on the front cover.

    When you get everything set by rotating your engine clockwise, rotate the engine past your marks another 90 degrees and line them up by rotating the engine counter clockwise, this will ensure everything is set correctly and takes the slack out of the belt.

    Your cams should be lined up like this.

    Your tensioner should also be set right in the middle if your temp is around 60-70 degrees f. like this:

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