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Thread: Ford Edge, Volvo XC60 or Volkswagon Touareg?

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    Default Ford Edge, Volvo XC60 or Volkswagon Touareg?

    Im selling my Nissan Armada and want to buy one of these cars.... Any help on the cons and pros would be nice and also dont talk abt the price apart frm that!!!!!!

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    Are you aware that this is the XC70 sub-forum...?

    I test drove a diesel Touareg (and a number of other cars) to compare with a '12 XC70...and did research on a bunch of them, as well.

    For me, the XC70 was the clear winner, both for driveability and cargo-capacity vs. the T-reg.

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    I guess Ford edge is platform on Ford/Mazda design, where XC70 is base on S80, as same Freelander, XC60, it's European base platform.
    About VW Touareg, it is more expensive than any car in your list ,VW with diesel engine is like 50,000 + car. It's more luxury then any of those.
    It's hard to compare to VW.
    If you have VW Touareg on your list, I would go with used BMW X5 with diesel engine, it's much better car, and more reliable as well.
    But entry level luxury car: Volvo, upscale Ford Edge, you need to take test drive. I drove XC60, and drives nice, but I like more XC70, because it's more sedan then SUV.
    If like more SUV type base then go with Edge or XC60.

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