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Thread: Blowing my fuse

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    Default Blowing my fuse

    My 99 v70xc has been popping the rear wiper/washer fuse on a biweekly basis.

    I've made sure to install the stock 15 Amp fuse every time but it seems to go too frequently.

    Any ideas on what I should look for? Please don't tell me my motor is going on the pump/wiper. Those things look like PITA's to change out.
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    More likely the wiring harness is frayed and is shorting out.
    You have to back trace the wiring.

    You would be better off if it is the motor, cheap to buy used and not all that hard to install!

    The wiring does break over time as the continunal rubbing from opening and closing the hatch does this, Ive only had one bad motor.
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    Arrow potential solution

    Go to the link below and read through the entire post. Directions on how to repair your wiring harness or figure out if that is it...the description below is for a bad taillight, but all the wires run through the same harness so it is the same for everything...

    good luck..
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