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Thread: What Did you do to your XC this week .

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    Oil and filter change (amsoil xl 5w30, mann filter). Front and rear rotors (Zimmerman), pads (textar), spark plugs (NGK 6962), fuel filter (Bosch), and topped off the rear diff oil.

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    My big adventure was changing the 'stop light', brake lights to the rest of us. Got fancy and did some research and settled on some flashing LED's. After giving up on getting in there the logical way, I came to this forum and read up on how to do those lights, needle nose pliers and patience required, removed the speaker, pull red tab out, while pulling on the tab depress the black tab above it, poof speaker out, needle nose to twist the bulb holder out, counter clockwise...GENTLY, replace bulb, rinse and repeat on the R side, NOTE EASIER to remove the little harness behind the speaker to get at bulb. Now the fun part, bulbs worked BUT still have an error on the dash and no flashing of the brake lights. These bulbs aren't suppose to require a resistor but....guessing they really do. Luckily I've got a ton of the resisters so..time to open things back up and install the resisters.

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