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Thread: Tools for timing belt change

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    Default Tools for timing belt change

    Reading posts to get myself prepared for a timing belt change on an 01 XC70, I see I need a 30mm socket and Volvo tool 999 5433 in addition to miscellaneous more common socket sizes.

    Is the dealer the only place to purchase the 999 5433 counterhold tool, I cannot locate one on the internet? What price should I expect to pay?

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    Default No need for counterhold tool

    Here is how to get the belt off and on without it. It took a little fishing on my 01 V70 T5 (2.3L engine) due to several obstructions. The follow thread seems to suggest the 2.4L might have slightly different obstructions allowing for easier access.
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    The counterhold shopuld not be too difficult to make, does someone have one?
    If so, is it possible to measure the inside and outside diameter of the round section and the thickness of the tool?
    Having these dimensions it should be possible to make this tool.
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    Like many cars, you can sneak the belt past the crank pulley without removing it. Special tools are cool though, so call SPX Volvo tools, if you must have the dealer tool 1-800-345-3399. You can order many dealer tools from them such as Toyota tools. Sometimes there is a wait though. They wait until they have enough people on a list to make a new batch of the tool you need if it isn't in stock.
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