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Thread: Losing Coolant?

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    Default Losing Coolant?

    Hello All,
    Anyone ever try a sealant to stop a cooling system leak? Already read all the horror stories but also many success stories. Couldn't find anything specifically for a Volvo.
    Thanks Gene

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    You pay your money and you take your chances with crap like Barr's leak stop, etc. Just find the leak and fix it....that's the best peace of mind you can get. The leak stop crud is only a bandaid fix anyway.

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    I know your right. Don't know if I can throw 2500.00 at the car for a head gasket replacement. Replaced a few head gaskets through the years with success but on this one looks like a major job for a DIY'selfer. Thanks for the reply.

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    Well, if you are expecting one of these products to stop a head gasket leak, forget it. If it is a leak that is into the combustion chamber, stop leak won't even start to seal it. If it is a leak to the outside, it might hold for a bit but the expansion and contraction of the head and block will create a weeper that merely slows the leak. I've tried Alumseal for both types and it has been a waste of time. Just fix it right and move on; its easier in the long run.


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    My 04 -05 XC has a leaking radiator, among other maladies.
    Its been a constant leak requiring frequent (500km) refills.
    Apparently also a common XC sickness.

    Replace the rad.

    Dont use a quickfix, it will damage the engine. (according to my local dealer)

    Look under the rad, If there are visible coolant trails on the crossmember and plastic guard its what I'm talking about.
    If not you may have a leaking coolant pipe.
    A leaking head gasket will either make your engine oil white and milky or blow steam out the exhaust. Both costly issues.
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    I have also had coolant loss at a very slow rate 04 XC70, so far I have tracked it down to one certainty and two possible:
    1/ the bottom hose calm not tensioned correctly (you have to be careful as you are using a stainless hose clamp on a plastic radiator outlet). That one was easy as there was a stain trail along the bottom tray.
    2/ Possibly the seals between the plastic side tanks and the alluminium core, not much you can do with this, and it appears to be intermittent.
    3/ As mentioned previosly the hose between the overflow tank and the radiator.
    The bottom clamp has been fixed but there is still a slow loss. I have discounted loss in the motor as this usually gets worse with time and there is no evidence in the engine oil or exhaust.
    I have decided to not worry about it and just top up the tank once a month. I will replace the clamped fittings on the hose between the tank and the radiator with stainless hose clamps at the next service, then save my pennies to replace the radiator with a fulll alluminium unit. Hopefully there is an aftermarket radiator availble from PWR in Australia.
    Just as an aside the leak does not get worse in our hot and humid summers here in North Queensland.

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    You could try something I've had great success with in the past, though never needed to try it on the Volvo: it's slow leak / weap sealer for your domestic heating system. In the UK it's brand name is Fernox ( ).
    I had an old Land Rover that has a persistent leak from somewhere on the block, I think a rear core plug, but it was inaccessible, so I tried this. It says you can't over treat with the stuff but I only put ~1/3 bottle in. Didn't have a further leak for the 3 years more I owned it!

    Might be worth a shot for the small $$$$ it's gonna cost

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    Default Coolant leaks

    Not so sure about major leaks.. I had a very SMALL leak and I put in some stop leak from Prestone. Followed the instructions and the leak stopped for now.


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