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Thread: Front Brake Rotor Size

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    Default Front Brake Rotor Size

    My wife's 2004 XC90 2.5T AWD is in need of new front rotors and pads. The car just got it's 60k mile service at the dealer and they said that the rotors were done and the pads were at 3mm. My question is which size rotor does my car have. At all of the online parts stores I have looked at there is a 316mm rotor and a 336mm rotor. I don't have the car with me so I can't check now, but I would like to get the parts ordered asap so I can change the brakes this weekend.

    Also, does anyone have a recommendations on pads, besides the factory pads, I'm tired of all the dust, they are almost as bad as BMW factory pads?

    What would be the cause of the difference in rotor size, AWD vs. FWD???

    Thanks for your help...

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    You probably have the 316mm rotors. V8's have the 336mm's, and I think some of the T6's. You 'could" have the 336mm as well, but in most cases I think 2.5T's have the 316mm.

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    Default rotor size

    The 366 mm are 13 1/4 " in diameter. The 316 mm are 12 something inches. I have an '06 with AWD and 2.5 that has the larger discs. FCP Groton has the best deal on parts I have found.

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    If you can see the cooling fins in the center part of the rotor without removing the wheel, you have the large rotors. Can't see the fins, small rotor.

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    Make your own evaluation of the pads and rotors, it seems the dealers like
    to swap brakes and rotors early to make some additional money. Our told us
    that ours needed changing 10k miles ago. I just swapped the pads this week
    because it would be needed this summer and I didnt want to change them in the
    summer heat. Rotors looked OK, a little lip but nothing big. They will need to be
    swapped out next time around 85k.
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