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Thread: Oil change for XC90 T6

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    Default Oil change for XC90 T6

    I have look all over the internet on how to do an oil change for and xc90 T6 but I have not found any information about it. I even subscribe to "" they have lots of information about the xc90 but nothing releated to oil change. Has anybody out there knows how to do this? how do you change the oil and oilfilter? all the cars that I have ever own so far have been made in the USA and changing the oil and oil filter has been very easy. The xc90 is my first imported car so I don't know if the procedure for changing oil and oil filter is different.
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    It's not hard. You need to drop the plastic cover under the engine. 6 screws hold it on, IIRC. The drain plug and filter should be obvious. You need to buy an oil filter element, as only the filter paper gets changed, not the canister. I use Mann HU 819 X inserts for the filter.

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    Default Xc90

    Have you tried They have the Volvo XC90 and IMO, easier to use.

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