View Full Version : 2001 V70XC Battery Replacement?

09-26-2005, 10:35 AM
This will be the 5th Michigan winter with the factory battery; no obvious signs of trouble but there usually aren't until that first sub-freezing morning.

Has anyone replaced (non-warranty) the stock battery yet? Are there quality aftermarket units available from Delco, etc? I would hate to be a slave to the Volvo dealer for this, would like to get a P/N, etc. spec'd out so I can order on short notice if and when its needed.

Ay input is appreciated.

09-26-2005, 02:44 PM
I think the Volvo battery has a unique detail: it is set up for connection of a plastic ventilation line. I haven't noted any aftermarket batteries with this yet, but I haven't really searched yet either. Because the battery is basically nestled under that hatch in the back of the car, I think it is close enough to passenger compartment air to want any replacement to have effectively functioning venting.


09-27-2005, 12:59 PM
I replaced my 01V70xc battery with one I bought at autozone. I did have to trim a piece of extra plastic of the top for it to fit in the battery holder properly. Worked just fine. no problem with venting that I can remember.

09-27-2005, 01:46 PM
With all due respect to our friends at Volvo, batteries are generic. Batteries are sold based upon power (cold cranking amps), and size, and configuration (top post or side post.) Batteries for newer vehicles have vents.

I just bought a battery for a non-Volvo at Costco. $45. (exchange) with a 100 mos. warranty. That's a great deal.

Every place that sells batteries has a booklet that lists make and model and then give the group number for the specific battery you need. It is real simple to get the right group number.

When your battery starts to fail, take that group number in and buy a new battery. Turn in your old battery for the credit. Remember that your XC has a security code for the radio. Radio stops working whenever power is disrupted. After installing a new battery, enter the security code from your purchse literature to get your radio to function again. If you can't find the security code, contact a dealer to get it.

Few things are as simple as buying a battery.